Looking at new OC Brian Daboll

So taking a look at the man who AL.com writer Kevin Sarbinski has already nicknamed Brian “Run” Daboll  it’s easy enough to google his carreer so I’ll skip the details.   Daboll began his career as a GA assistant under Saban and has spent a significant amount of time in Brian BeliChick’s system in New England.  Many felt he was next in line for their OC job for the world champions if it came open.     Being in that system for a while he is used to the regemented work load required by Saban so it should be a good fit.   It remains to be seen how well he will take to recruiting and college football in general after so many years in the pro’s.

Daboll has had several stints as OC in the pro’s, never on a good team.  His Cleveland experience was so poorly staffed as to render an analysis useless.  I decided to look at his last stop which was as the OC for the Miami Dolphins in 2011.     That season the dolphins lost their first 7 games and then won 6 out of the next 9 games to finish the season, so at least he showed improvement.

From a skill standpoint the Dolphins were not blessed.  Their Quarterback Matt Moore was a backup level talent at best.   The 2011 season would be his last as a starter.    That season he had 2497 yards  at a 60.5% completion rate,  tossed 13 TD’s to 9 pics.   Not steller numbers but far and away the best season he had as a pro.

Reggie Bush was the running back.  Bush was never considered a bell cow runner in the NFL.  Teams expected to use him as a scat back or third down option.  None the less he is all the Dolphins had so they went with the undersized back.   Bush responded with his most prolific season as a pro averaging 5 yards per carry and 1086 total yards.   Bush had other thousand yard seasons but never again had a yards per carry average that good,  and make no mistake a five yard average in the pro’s is very good.

The leading reciever was a perennial all-pro and his numbers remained at an all-pro level.

So two out of the three offensive leaders had the best year of their careers statistically under Daboll’s play calling.    If all things are relative then I find this review to show a postive outcome for a team that lacked talent then and continued to win at only a 50% rate after he left.  Only in the 2016 season did the Dolphins finally brake through to the playoffs.

The offense collectively ran 469 rush attemps and attempted 469 passes.  To say he had a balanced attack would be accurate.    We will just have to wait and see how all this translates to Alabama but for those who are downplaying his resume they at this point appear to not be looking closely enough.   It’s also impossible to gauge the importance of spending years on the most accomplished pro staff in this generation.  Simply put Bill Belichick is hands down the best coach at the pro level.  He wins consistently and wins championships with in many areas sub part talent from a conventional since.   While its true Tom Brady is a big part of that winning it’s certainly not all of it.

In other news alabama rehired Joe Pannunzio.  He was alabama’s director of football operations for several seasons before leaving for a player personell position with the Eagles.   Pannunzio will return as an on field coach taking over the tight ends and special teams.  This is a position he has extensive experience with in the past and both positions under-performed last season.    This past week AJ McCarron gave an interview about Pannunzio and called him his favorite coach while he was at Alabama.   Clearly this guy is going to be a valuable reaquisition for Nick Saban.

All the staff movew will probably be done in a week or two as teams around the country begin their 2017 preperation.

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