Pleasant Grove Tornado
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In 1998 I built a website to document the events of April 8th 1998 when the town of Edgewater was obliterated by an F-5 Tornado. 13 years later another big twister hit and critically damaged my home town of Pleasant Grove, Alabama. In 98 websites were rare, I'm sure today there will be many on this subject. This one will be from my perspective. I have yet to even see a tornado, but this makes twice I have seen the aftermath on a scale that is beyond my comprehension. I felt the 1998 storm would be the worst I would ever see, I was wrong. Edgewater was a small community. Pleasant Grove was not. Over 3900 homes were in Pleasant Grove. In a matter of minutes half of them were gone. The day's events would be part of the largest outbreak of tornado's in a single day in state history.
People had been living in the area now known as Pleasant Grove since the early 1800's. The town was incorporated in 1937 in an effort to bring city water to the town after mining activities sunk the local wells. The town consisted mostly of small farms and scattered homes until the post world war II boom. Beginning In the late 1950's small houses were being constructed in tightly packed streets and subdivisions. My parents purhcased one of those houses on 6th street in the early 1960's. I was born in 1966 and when I was eight years old we moved to 4th street. By this time Pleasant Grove had been expanding for a while and some of the largest sub-divisions were build during the late 70's and early 80's. Pleasant Grove had been touched by tornado's in the past but nothing would compare to the devestation of this night.
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